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I stumbled upon a new word today…

  • Hygge!

Okay ‘Hygge’ pronounced ‘hoo-guh’ isn’t really a new word BUT… it IS new to me!

The word originates from Scandinavia and has a meaning synonymous with ‘finding joy in the little things in life’.

It can be described using words like ‘warm’ and ‘cozy’, which happen to be two of my favorite words ever!

So upon discovery of this word this morning, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I said wait! I REALLY like this word!

This word represents me!

It represents my brand. It represents my essence. Heck, it even represents my lifestyle!

I mean if we each had to choose one word that represented us, that would be mine! Hygge!

You see, I basically live in gratitude or at least try to…. and every single day, I am intentional about looking for reminders of why I’m blessed.

So I’ve just decided to begin documenting my reasons… in the hope that I might remind you that you are blessed on days when you are not quite feeling it… and vice versa!

So cheers to Hygge!

For renewing my desire to write again.

With this blog, I hope to detail/chronicle at least one thing that brought me joy or reminded me that I am blessed on any given day.

I don’t plan on writing very long entries.

Sometimes a sentence, sometimes a paragraph, sometimes a page, and sometimes nothing at all.

I’m just going to go with the flow and keep things real as I always do.

So thank you for being here, and let’s see where this goes shall we?


Emma Barnafo

(The human behind the handmade brand Innate Expressions®)


To create unique, timeless and functional quality accessories that help you express your individuality via style.

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