About the Blog

The reason for this blog really is quite simple….

We spend our entire lives trying fit in…..

  • We dye our hair purple;
  • go on yo-yo diets;
  • pretend to looooove caviar and;
  • can’t live without golf, for the lack of a better analogy!

All the while, we are hurting and bleeding beneath our ‘suits and ties’, as we walk around with big plastic smiles plastered across our faces! In public anyway……

Then we go home to wherever that may be for each one of us, and absolutely let it rip!

We subconsciously beat ourselves up, because in our minds, we are simply not good enough. We are either too this or too that! On the contrary, we may not be this enough or that enough!

Aaaaaaah! Enough is enough, don’t you say???

This blog Unashamedly Me, is for me and for you.

It’s time to rise up and be true to ourselves, be it in our everyday lives or in our choice of style.

Join me, as we embrace our individuality, will you please?

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”

Let’s go for the ‘gold’ friends! Let’s deviate from their ‘norm’ and create our own new normal!

  • I mean if you want to wear periwinkle, by all means, wear it!

Let’s give our lives and our style a splash of individuality, shall we?

Because who really cares what they think?

Are you with me?

Let’s build something together!!!


Emma Barnafo

The face & hands behind
Innate Expressions®


To create unique, timeless and functional quality accessories that help you express your individuality via style.

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