All’s well that ends well

As soon as I opened my eyes, I groggily reached for my phone to check the time.

My heart almost jumped out of my chest when I saw the numbers read “06:48”!

Oh-my-God, I had overslept!

  • I usually leave home for work around this time!!!

Panic set in, and I hurriedly jumped out of bed, knowing that I was already late for work!

But as I stood there, trying to figure out how to get dressed and be out the door in record time, something shifted inside me…

  • I felt a sense of calm…

“All’s well that ends well,” I whispered to myself, and with that I took a deep breath and began going through the motions of my morning routine, being extra intentional about taking care to appreciate each step, and every moment along the way!

  • While brushing my teeth, I took the time to notice the cool rush of mint on my tongue and the feel of the bristles against my teeth;
  • As I got dressed, I cherished the sensation of my clothes against my skin;
  • And as I headed to the kitchen for a ‘bite’, I basked in the aroma of my Organic Lemongrass & Ginger Herbal tea and savored the glorious flavor of honey on my warm homemade bread.

By the time I stepped out of my door, I felt refreshed, energized and no longer panic stricken.

  • My mind was clear, my heart filled with gratitude, and I was prepared to take on the day ahead.

As I drove on the highway towards my lab, I smiled to myself (and to a few confused others), feeling grateful for this late start.

  • I was grateful for the opportunity to slow down and appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

“All’s well that ends well”, I reminded myself once again….

  • and I knew that I was ready to face whatever lay ahead with determination and grace!

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