What’s the Point?

I have always wondered what the point of life is, as ‘we currently do it’!

I mean…

  • we hustle ‘day in and day out’;
  • make a bit of money;
  • and hustle some more…

BUT we are still not happy!

I think we are not happy because we can’t seem to find balance…

  • because it appears that no matter how much we have, we always want more.

So we inadvertently stress ourselves out, and this usually leads to us becoming sick…

  • in the meantime we are aging!

So now we take the little bit of money that we worked so hard for in our youth, and give it all a doctor, to make us well again…

  • but we know that there are no guarantees.

So we reluctantly come to terms with the fact that we may never really be at full strength again…

  • be it with our health or with our wallets!

So what’s the point I wonder?

  • What’s the point of life as we currently ‘do it’????

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