For Christmas this year…

Dear ‘Santa’,

For Christmas this year, I ask for ‘rest’.




I really love this time of year!

Not only because its the holiday season, but because contrary to the norm, I have made ‘my’ holidays synonymous with rest.

Each year, as the holidays draw nigh, I eagerly look forward to lots of ‘me-time’ and ‘self love/self care’.

Now, I know this may sound selfish, but I promise you it’s not!

You see, I choose to view this as an act of kindness towards one’s self.

  • Don’t you think that YOU deserve a fraction of the kindness that you so easily and willingly dole out to others throughout the year?

I mean, even if you don’t think that you deserve kindness, theoretically ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’ therefore it is your responsibility and yours alone to fill your ‘tank’ back up again… in order to keep operating at your best. You owe this to yourself!

So this year I challenge you…

  • Do one beautifully kind thing for yourself this holiday season.
  • Recognize and celebrate yourself as ‘the gift’…
    • because I assure you that you are a gift, whether you recognize that or not!

As for me, experience has taught me that around this time every year, my tank is close to empty.

Basically, I recognize that I’m usually burnt out right about now…

  • so I give myself permission to rest, so that I can reemerge relaxed and refreshed.


I do so unapologetically because the alternative is to quit!

  • And why quit, when all you need is rest???

So tell me…

  • What gift will you give yourself this Christmas?

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