The Silent Scream…


Can anybody hear me?!!!

Is anyone there??? he screamed…

  • yet not a sound left his lips!

Crawling under the bridge to escape the freezing rain, he tucked his tattered coat tightly around him but it barely made a difference.

It was cold.

It was windy.

And he was hungry.

The shelters were all full, so staying under the bridge was the best option he had.

With another subconscious shiver and teeth chattering loudly he kept repeating to himself…

  • “This will just have to do, this will just have to do!”

Then he closed his eyes and once again silently cried out…

  • “Please, don’t let me freeze to death tonight!”

The End

You see, the silent scream is actually the loudest scream of all…

  • except that nobody but the person screaming, can actually hear the scream!

So if we’ve never had reason to scream like that before, then I say… we’re truly blessed!


  • I’m grateful for warm food, a roof over my head and the feeling of physical safety.
  • I am grateful that even though I may not have much, what I do have is more than enough.
  • And finally I’m grateful that I recognize that!

What about you?

  • What are you grateful for today?

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