The perfect morning…

Yellow, orange, red and brown leaves…

I hear birds singing to each other from nearby trees.

There’s also the sound of rustling leaves…

  • as a gentle breeze encourages them to dance together amongst the trees!

Early-morning mist hangs thick in the air, creating water droplets that cling stubbornly to silken spider webs.

  • These droplets I noticed shine like exquisite jewels, as they grasp every opportunity to be kissed by the sunlight!

It’s not too chilly outside yet, but the lightly scented Autumn air is a definite giveaway that winter is almost here.

All else is silent except for the soothingly familiar sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet and a strong reassurance that today is filled with promise.

So armed with my tea, I can’t help but acknowledge, that this is such a magical way to start another day, …wouldn’t you say?!

I am blessed!

What about you?

  • Did you notice anything spectacular about the morning?
  • Whatever you do, I hope you get to stop and ‘smell the roses’ today.



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  1. Oh, I love this so much, Emma! Mornings play a special role in my life as they give me quiet moments to reflect on my life, to enjoy my coffee or tea without being disturbed, or to just look at the nature surrounding me and be thankful for a new day.

    1. I love how we are in sync dear Maya. We totally speak the same language ❤️☺️. It really is about the little things 💕😁

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