The Essence of Rest

I woke up before the ‘Earth’ today…

Well not really, but I was awake pretty early.

Early enough to notice that it took ‘my side of the Earth’ a little more effort than usual to ‘come’ alive.

  • I mean, it was darker than usual, quieter than usual and cooler than usual.

Roughly 2 hours later however, the world was abuzz… just like that!

  • It was almost as if someone had sneaked ‘Mother Earth‘ her daily dose of caffeine, and she was finally ready to function!

This made me ponder about how similar we are to the earth…

  • about how we can barely get started in the morning without caffeine or some alternative.

The Earth has a reason to ‘slack’ a bit though…

  • but what’s our reason? I wonder…

Mother Earth loses her ‘mojo’ as a result of changing seasons.

For instance, it’s currently Autumn here ‘in my part of the Northern Hemisphere’.

This is when we usually expect longer periods of darkness and shorter periods of light.

As a matter of fact we typically expect this ‘mood swing’ all through Winter when Mother Earth, for the lack of a better analogy ‘goes to sleep’ and gets some rest…

  • a small reward for all the ‘amazingness’ she gave us the previous Spring, Summer and Fall, wouldn’t you say?

You see, Mother Earth knows that if she doesn’t rest, she will become depleted and as a result will not be able to give us new life/hope the following Spring…

  • and to her that is not an option!

Can you imagine a year without Spring and Summer??? Oooeee

So, no matter how much we kick and scream because we ‘hate’ winter, Mother Earth KNOWS that rest is essential.

She knows that if she tries to please us by giving us what we want at the expense of what she needs, she will malfunction and eventually break down…

  • because you can’t pour from an empty cup or give what you don’t have!

So I thought…

Why don’t we take notes from ‘Mother Earth’?

  • If we simply rest for a moment when we are tired, regardless of who says what, then maybe we won’t feel the need to quit, when all we really need is sleep.

Just saying…

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