Balance is Key

Oooeee, yesterday’s post was hea-vy!

And I’m not gonna lie… it took a little something out of me!

But since balance is key, and I need to put back in energy similar to what I let out, I’d like to share something a little lighter today…

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Anyway my inspiration for today is an excerpt from her piece called “At the end of the day”

I hope it blesses you today.

At the end of the Day

At the end of the day I hope you can say you chose happiness.

That you chose to find joy within the smaller, softer moments that tugged at your heartstrings.

That you did not wait for Friday, for next month, for Summer to go out and experience all of the beauty this world has to offer.

At the end of the day, I hope you can say you’re proud of how hard you fought to become the best version of yourself.

That you unapologetically and courageously chose growth, chose healing – even on the days you did not know how,

even on the days it hurt…

– Alysha Waghorn

Now I’m a work in progress…


  • What about you?

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