Grateful for the ‘overlooked’

Have you ever paid attention to your reaction whenever you enter a smelly public bathroom or a dirty restaurant?

Come on, let’s be honest…

Most of us make contorted facial expressions and mutter some ‘not-nicety’ under our breaths, don’t we?

  • Something along the lines of… “OMG, didn’t ‘they’ clean this place today!”…maybe?

Erm, excuse me… who are ‘they’???

  • They’ my friends, are the ‘overlooked’ to whom I am referring today.

Now let’s flip the script…

You walk into the same public bathroom or restaurant but this time the bathroom is clean, the restaurant is spotless and the latter provides you with top notch service. You are blown away!

Can you honestly say that you actually take a moment to acknowledge this fact?

What about make an effort to compliment whoever might have ensured that your experience was nothing but the best?

  • I’m guessing there are more no’s than yeses?!

So my point today?

  • Maybe it’s time to start taking notice of the how much we take for granted every day.

There are so many people who make all the difference without any recognition from us at all—janitors and dishwashers who work tirelessly at their jobs every single day without recognition from anyone; chefs, line workers, etc., who dedicate hours upon hours of tireless work just so we can enjoy a bit of ‘flavor’ in our lives.


  • What if we started acknowledging them every chance we got?
    • Wouldn’t it be worth our while?

P.S: There are so many ‘overlooked’ people out there, however these are just a few.

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