Silver Lining: Finding joy in unusual places

I get sinus infections a little more often than I would like…

  • They are usually triggered by allergic rhinitis or simply ‘hay fever’.

Are they a ‘pain’?

  • Absolutely yes!

But are they the worst thing that could happen to a person?

  • Certainly not!

A few years ago I underwent ‘sinus surgery’ to ‘open me up’, because I couldn’t ‘drain’ on my own, my infections were chronic AND I was living off of antibiotics!

  • The surgery changed my life!

I experienced 8 beautiful years symptom free…

  • and then the ‘warranty’ expired haha!
  • and now I find myself plagued again!

This time there is a difference though…

  • My sinus infections are more acute in severity.

I mean they still occur a little more frequently than I would like, but at least I can drain on my own… albeit post nasal!

  • and I won’t to bore you with the challenges of dealing with constant post nasal drip because you can Google that!

I will say though, that I’m still grateful.

  • How and why you ask?


  • ‘acute’ trumps ‘chronic’;
  • ‘sometimes’ trumps ‘everyday’;
  • and as my mother always says… “If you have an ailment that has an existent remedy, then you are blessed!”

You see, many people suffer from ailments for which there is no hope of relief or recovery.

  • I get to break out the Claritin or Zyrtec and Flonase;
  • Tylenol and/or Robitussin;
  • Sleep elevated and at an angle using multiple plush pillows for support;
  • Drink loads of tea;
  • Heck, call out sick if I need to!


  • Silver lining!

There is ALWAYS a silver lining, so look for it!

What about you?

  • Where is the most unusual ‘place’ you have found Joy?

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