The Power of Gratitude, Free Will and Unconditional Love

Today is a Federal holiday in the US – Columbus Day – which means that I get an extra day at home, or a 3-day weekend if you will. I’m grateful for that, because I recognize that not everyone has that luxury.

Of course, I’m going to crochet and drink lots of tea today… that’s a given; but the best part is that I get to do it from my warm and cozy apartment AND on my own terms. I’m grateful for that too.

So last night knowing that I could do whatever I wanted to do today, I stayed up really late watching a movie, and didn’t feel guilty about it! That made me happy.

I watched the movie ‘Redeeming Love’, which is actually based on a book by one of my favorite authors – Francine Rivers – and oh my!

If I had to summarize with two words, I would say that the movie was a beautiful depiction of ‘unconditional love’.

The movie inspired me to stay positive. It reminded me that even during these ‘trying times’, unconditional love still exists ‘out there’. I’m grateful for that.

So today, I feel blessed because I have been afforded:

  • The gift of a 3-day weekend
  • Freedom to do as I please with my extra day off
  • Free Will
  • Unconditional love

What about you?

  • What brings you joy today?
  • What makes you feel blessed?

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