Inspired by a word

Today, I was inspired and motivated by one word…Hygge!

The drive was enough to get me writing again!

Although this was not MY ‘plan’ for today, it must be what needed to be done because you see, my previously dormant blog is now active again!

You can read all about the why by clicking on the ‘About this Blog’ tab in the Menu.

So, a few things that brought ME joy today?

  1. The realization that I can read.
  2. The realization that I can read and write!
  3. The realization that I can read, write and type!
  4. The discovery of a new word (to me)…Hygge!
  5. That this new word, inspired me enough to re-start my blog!

What about you…

  • What brought you joy today?
  • What made you feel blessed?

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