Dance anyway…..

I've always been awed and inspired by good poetry and art.... This piece of art in particular resonates deeply with me on many levels. Primarily, it highlights a core belief, Individuality! Let's talk about perspective for a second, shall we? Perspective, really is 'a thing'! In this regard, perspective implies that although we look at... Continue Reading →

Be You, Do You!

I’ve always believed that children were born with individual innate personalities...... I mean barring the influence of environment and/or circumstance that they may have been exposed to growing up, I really believe that how their personalities ultimately manifest upon maturity, is not very different from the intrinsic/innate personality that they were born with. You probably... Continue Reading →

Keep it simple…..

Truth be told, I can't for the life of me remember where I first learned this... All I know is that from time immemorial, this life lesson has been engraved on my heart and I apply it to almost everything I do. Once upon a time, it was presented to me in the form of... Continue Reading →

Do you still believe in Boogey man???

Wow, these are some pretty uncertain times that we're living in! ⁠While one part of me wonders if things will ever really be the same again, another part of wonders if it should...🤔⁠ ⁠I don't know about you, but the current state of affairs has taught me never to take the little things like a... Continue Reading →

Predictably unpredictable…

8AM: Breakfast 12PM: Lunch 6PM: Dinner 10PM: Bedtime Next Day: Rinse & Repeat! #BORING !!! How monotonous! I don't believe that life is supposed to be lived that way. Do you? There is no way in the world that one size was meant to fit all. I simply don't buy it! Look around you? What... Continue Reading →

True value…

Okay friends, let's just get straight to the point, shall we? I mean we are totally past the stage of 'dilly-dallying', or needing to break the ice now, correct? Heck, I even introduced myself in my last post 'Free to be', so I'm gonna assume that we are cool, and just delve in.... So, I... Continue Reading →

Free to be…

Via this blog, I’d like to give you a peek into my ‘Eden', and hope that you will break free with me..... No more boundaries! No more apologies!

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